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Problematic kernel module from the loader

 ·  🎃 kr0m

Loading conflicting modules at such an early boot stage as the loader can cause problems, as even when starting in single-user mode the module will load and we will not be able to boot correctly. In this article, I will explain how to reverse this situation.

In my case, it is the Nvidia module:


To solve this problem, we must follow these steps:

  • In the loader, we select option 3: Escape to loader prompt
  • We execute the show command that will show us a list of variables, we scroll down until we find module_blacklist
  • We exit the pager and execute: set module_blacklist=‘PREVIOUSLY BLACKLISTED MODULES nvidia nvidia-modeset’
  • We execute the boot command

Now we can rectify the problem by editing the /boot/loader.conf file.

It should be noted that if we had loaded the module from the RC configuration (kld_list=), we would not have had a problem since we would have started in single-user mode and fixed the problem from there, but by doing it in the loader, everything becomes complicated.

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